Akshay Patra temple 30/06/2021

More to Know About Akshaya Patra!!!

Akshay Patra is one of the most beautiful temples of Vrindavan. Situated in the outskirts of Braj Bhoomi this temple attracts thousands of visitors. Akshaya Patra came into light when Pandavas who were in exile were approached by many saints and sages for some advice. But Draupadi felt difficult to extend hospitality to everyone who visits them in the forest as they themselves were poor and penniless. So customary Hospitality was getting impossible for them to offer. Yudhishthira being the eldest of all was disappointed as he could not feed his family, and followers well. So he told all the sages and kings to go back to Indraprastha. To this, they guided him to do meditation and penance to the Sun God, Surya.

With utmost devotion, Dharamraja pleaded the Sun God, Surya who appeared before him.

Happy by the everlasting devotion of him, the Sun God provided him with the marvellous Akshaya Patra. With the power of Akshaya Patra, all the sages, family and his followers ate to the satisfaction. Akshaya Patra would never be emptied. With the Akshaya Patra Pandavas were greatly delighted to see everyone feeding to their satisfaction without the worry of running short of food with the Akshaya Patra in their possession.

Eventually, several sages would visit the Pandavas and be never unsatisfied with their hospitality.


Presently this beautiful place is feeding the Baal-Gopals of Braj Bhoomi with its unending and hygienic Mid-day meals. This temple of Radha Krishna s the epitome of love and kindness towards needy and hopeless people.

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