Brahmand Ghat 17/06/2021

Brahmand Ghat!!

Brahmand Ghat is the revered place situated 15 km southeast of Mathura where Lord Krishna demonstrated the entire universe inside his mouth to his foster mother Yashoda.

History & Significance:

Maa Yashoda got horrified seeing the unusual deed of his son who swallowed mud while playing with his friends. She reached the spot where Krishna was playing with his Gopas and he denied clearly that he never ate mud particles, and his friends are lying. But hard to admit his lies she asked him to open his mouth to check mud particles if any. Maa Yashoda apparently got shocked seeing the entire universe and planets spinning in his smallmouth. Much to her surprise, she lost her senses.

Hence the name of the site is Brahmand Ghat, literally meaning, the universe. Brahmanda Bihari Sanctuary embarks on the bank of Ghats. You can pay a visit to the nearby Krishna Temple along with mud selling outside the temples in Packets are known as ‘Braj Ka Raj’ which the devotees believe to have magical healing powers.

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