Chamunda Devi Temple 17/06/2021

Chamunda Devi Temple!!!

Chamunda Devi Temple is situated on Chamunda Devi Marg right opposite Maa Gayatri Tapobh. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeth and is believed that a hair strand of Maa Gayatri fell on this very place is also mentioned in the sacred text of Shrimad Bhagwat.


Goddess Chamunda Devi was the clan goddess of Nand Baba and it is said after offering salvation to Python, Lord Krishna went to seek blessings from Devi Chamunda. Even it is believed that after the Mundan ceremony of Lord Krishna the Nand baba family visited their clan Goddess for seeking blessings of Maa Chamunda.


Many saints believe in mediating in this temple for the aspiration of Moksha Prapti which is a centre for Sage Shandhilya.

If the crowd doesn’t bother you then Navratri is the best place to pay a visit to this revered shrine of Maa Chamunda Devi. However, residents of the Brij region often visit the temple on the occasion of Akshay Navami and Devthan Ekadashi, the entire temple premises thronged by pilgrims.

The major attraction of this place is that Chamunda Devi Temple does not have an idol inside. Book A Tour Package to Chamunda Devi Temple.

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