Chandra Sarovar 02/06/2021

A Splendid Tour To Chandra Sarovar!!

Chandra Sarovar an enchanting sarovar is located 23 km from Kumudvan Gangasagar. Chandra Sarovar is abound with secrets and mysteries. We can reach Chandra Sarovar from the well-built road from Village Sonkh or from the weak road of Daanghati.
This Sarovar is one of the places where Lord Krishna stopped Moon to disappear and to be constant visible for 6 months from this location during Maharaas thus the location is named as Chandra Sarovar.

Chandra Sarovar is associated with Shri Krishna’s Vasant Rasa. Seeing the awestruck beauty of the rasa dance of Lord Krishna with group of Gopis, moon was stunned at and thus could not move the whole night. Thus commemorating this spiritual event the place is also known as Chandra Sarovar. 
It is the most celebrated place where Lord Krishna performs his loving pastime of Rasleela with two distinct types- Saradiya and Vasant. Saradiya Rasa Dance was performed in the beginning of Kartik Month in which all classes of Gopi’s used to dance whereas in Vasant Rasa Dance it was limited only to highest class of Gopis. It is the same place where Surdas wrote Sursagar. Surdas who died at the age of 105 wish to write 1.25 lacs pad (verses) but were able to write only 1 lac. It is believed that the other 25 thousand pad was written by Lord Krishna and Sursagar was also known as SurShyam. Kuti of Surdas as well as Samadhi of Surdas is also present where the great poet spent 73 years of his life. There is an old well near the samadhi. Once Surdas fall into the well but was saved by Lord Krishna.
Towards the west side of Sarovar there is a small shrine known as Shringar mandir. Shringar means to decorate, Sri Radharani with flowers and ornaments and other 

Timings of Chandra Sarovar:
All days of the week
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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