Daan ghati 02/06/2021

 Place For Spirituality Seekers- Daan Ghati!!!

Introduction &History
Daan-Ghati is a place with religious significance is situated in Govardhan near Mathura. Daan Ghati Mandir is known to be one of the two major Hindu temples in Govardhan.
The term Daan Ghati means ‘donation valley’. It is believed that presiding deity is in the form of rock, which was lifted by Lord Krishna on little finger for 7 days and deity is believed to be going down into the soil by few millimeters every year.

 Daan Ghati temple is the beginning point for the trail to Parikrama Marg , there is a ritual of performing a pilgrimage of Daan Ghati Mandir before proceeding the parikrama of Govardhan hill. Devotees or spiritual seekers who perform pilgrimage at Daan Ghati Mandir offer milk, and sweets to the deity. 
While on special occasions, ‘chhappan bhog’ is offered to idols containing 56 varieties of offerings. Over the years, the temple of Daan Ghati Mandir has taken over the place of main shrine of the town and become one of the most significant commercial attractions in Govardhan.

The reform work of temple was taken up by Daan-Ghati management committee, established in the 1970s by Shri Gopal Parasad Kaushik.

Best Time to Visit
The season starts in the month of October and lasts until March as it is considered to be the best time to visit Daan Ghati Mandir in Govardhan as the season enjoys cool, calm and pleasant weather conditions throughout the state.

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The temple of Daan Ghati remains open all days of the year from morning to evening.