Gokul Nath temple 30/06/2021

One minute Read to GokulNath!!!

A greatly holy place, Gokulnath Temple is one of the most visited religious destinations in Gokul with its major attraction of Central tower called Shikhara. Another attraction is the Mansi Ganga water tank. Gokulnath Temple is believed to be the last point of Govardhan Parikrama which dates back to 1510 AD. Other temples like Madan Mohan and Vittalnath temples are as old as the Gokulnath temples. The presiding deity is Giriraj Maharaj and Shri Krishna.


The mythological fact about the Water Tank, Mansi Ganga is that on hearing the desire of the foster mother of Lord Krishna to bathe in Ganga, he brought Ganga river there itself and since then is known as Mansi Ganga. During the festival of Janmashtami, Annakut and Trinvat Mela, the temple is filled with visitors.

Best Time to Visit

If summers do not bother you much then you can plan a visit during summer vacations. Otherwise plan a trip during the winters. Although, the most suitable time to visit Gokulnath Temple on the occasion of Janmashtami Annakut and Trinvat Mela, the temple is filled with visitors.


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