Govind dev 20/02/2020

Govind Dev Temple is one of the most impressive and astonishing temples of Vrindavan. Lakhs of devotees visit this temple every day just to have a glimpse of this phenomenal edifice. 

Constructed with red stone this masterpiece is standing like a crown of Vrindavan from the past 450 years. Holytripadisor takes you on the tour of this beautiful area and will provide detail regarding every nook and corner of the temple. Every part of this temple has its magnitude, this astounding building is a centre of attraction since its construction and is one of the must-visit places of Vrindavan.

Historical Significance:

 In the 16th century, Raja Man Singh of Jaipur, a general of Mughal ruler of India Akbar the Great began construction of the seven-storey structure on the occasion of Akbar’s pilgrimage visit to holy Vrindavan. Construction of this temple was inspired by great saint Srila Rupa Goswami.

But in 1669, the succeeding Mughal ruler Aurangzeb mutilated the Govind dev Temple in Vrindavan, dismantling the above four storeys of the structure and also obliterated many of the beautiful carvings. The head priest of the Govinda dev Temple, Sri Shiva Ram Goswami, then decided to move the divine holy deity under the protection of the Amber ruler.

The Govinda dev ji deity was then enshrined in the Suraj Mahal of the Jaipur City Palace by Raja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of the city in 1715.

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