Kedarnath 07/07/2021

Holy Visit To Kamyavana for Kedarnath Temple!!!

Shri Kedarnath, Braj located at Kamyavan which is the largest forest among the twelve forests of Braj.

The story goes around when Nand Baba and Yashodha Maa desired to visit Char Dhams, Shri Krishn told them, why are you going anywhere else? I will bring all Dhams in Braj Dham only.

Thus, Kedarnath appeared in Braj Dham at Kamyavana. This is really special, almost a miracle to see the hills in the forest of Kamyavan, surrounded by various fields.

Story & Significance:

Kamyavana is the forest of Vrindavana where Lord Krishna had enchanting pastimes. Vishnu Purana mentioned eighty-four sacred ponds, eighty-four temples, and eighty-four pillars in Kamyavan. It is said that a famous king named Shri Kamasena established them all.

Kamyavana is home to some of the prominent kundas like Vimala Kunda, Kama Kunda and Dharma Kunda. The most famous among all the temples in Kamyavana is the Radha Govinda Temple whose presiding deity is Vrinda Devi which is also the oldest deity in the whole world.

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