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Looking out for the best place to visit in Vrindavan then you are at right page Holytripadvisor takes you on a tour of the mesmerizing and beautiful ghats of Vrindavan. These ghats are the perfect epitome of sanctity and love. Known as the biggest attraction for tourists visiting Vrindavan this place is a perfect portrayal of incredible spirituality and beauty of Lord Krishna's land.

A place that witnessed Krishna’s miracles:

Kesighat is one such beautiful place that holds many magical memories of Krishna’s childhood. A demon named kesi was sent by King Kansa in the form of a horse to hurt brajwasis and Lord Krishna. Our beloved Lord Krishna fought with demon Kesi and saved brajwasis from his bad deeds. It is believed that taking a holy bath in the Kesighat of Vrindavan will protect the devotees from the sins and hardship of life.

Enticing Yamuna Arti:

Holytripadvisor takes you on a spiritual boat ride along with a glance of tempting sandhya aarti of Holy River Yamuna. The aarti of river Yamuna is performed beautifully and one can be a part of this amazing ritual every evening on Kesi ghat of Vrindavan. It is a part of the attraction for devotees from across the city as well. After being part of this beautiful ritual you will venerate every moment of visiting this pious land.

Experience the piousness at its highest and visit Kesighat with your perfect holy trip planner Holytripadvisor today!

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