Kirti Temple 01/07/2021

One more flower to the bouquet of Mathura temples- Kirti Temple Barsana!!!

The birthplace of Shri Radha ji i..e., Barsana is bestowed with plenty of temples depicting the transcends of Radha Rani. But the only temple in the Barsana which is dedicated to Kirti Maa the mother of Shri Radha ji is the Kirti Temple.


As we entered Barsana can hear the chantings coming all around Radhe Krishna. The very first sight of the temple that captured my eyes is the grand scale of architecture and the magnificent rock-cut carvings done with a pale and buff coloured sandstone took my heart poured me with deep devotion as it is commonly said ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever.


Inside the temple, we can see the idol of baby Radha sitting in the lap of her mother which is the rare kind of statue in the world. The temple has been built by Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat and is named after Shri Radha Ji’s mother and inaugurated on 14th Feb 2019 for the public. Adjacent to the temple is the Rangeeli Mahal with a sprawling area of 30 acres.


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Timings :

Morning 5:30 AM -8 PM 

8 :30 Am Darshan, Aarti

12 Pm Door closed