Peeli Pokhar 21/06/2021

One Minute Read To Pili Pokhar!!!

Pili Pokhar Pond is located near Rangeeli Mahal, Barsana. As the name states Pili means Yellow, Pokhar means Pond. The pond is surrounded by Pilu trees where Krishna Ji enacted his pastimes with her.

History and Significance

According to the mythological studies when Radharani washed her Haldi coated hands in the water the whole water turned yellow in colour.It is believed that when Radharani along with her Gopi gang went to Nandgaon whereby she met Yashoda. Krishna’s foster mother Yashoda become fond of Radha Rani’s beauty she lost into thoughts, aspired her as her daughter-in-law. So charmed by her beauty and qualities Yashoda maa put Haldi paste onto the hands of Radharani.

And if we go by rituals, this Haldi paste is applied by the mother-in-law to her soon to be daughter-in-law. While on the way back home at Barsana, Radharani thought about what the people of Barsana and her family members would say on looking at her yellow hands. Thus, she rushed to the nearby lake washed and scrubbed her hands. By doing so the water of the lake turned yellow and therefore it was named Pili Pokhar or Priya Kund.

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