Poonchari ka lota 30/06/2021

Visiting Poonchhari Ka Lautha Endless Devotion!!

Poonchhari Ka Lautha Baba temple is just 20 km from the city in the area of Govardhan which is dedicated to the name of Krishna’s cowherd friend called Lord Baba. The interesting point is that the deity is in a lying state unlike the standing or sitting position and his hind part is Puchari, the literal meaning of punchari is tail.

Here the Goverdhan hill shrinks and devotees see it as the tail of the cow. Pooṅchhari Ka Lautha is also worshipped by the devotees of Hanuman. Lota Baba is said to be an incarnation of Hanumana so it is mostly worshipped by the devotees of Hanuman. Hanumana became a friend of Lord Krishna in Dwapar Yug to enjoy his Past time.

Story :

The story behind the significance of the temple is that one of the friends of Lord Krishna Lota Baba was playing hide and seek and it was Krishna’s turn to seek for his friend, but while playing he met another cowherd friend and got so much involved in his play that he completely forgets that Lota baba is still hiding and might be waiting for him.

He waited for days, weeks and years but the Lord did not return. Lota baba spent his remaining life waiting for his Lord. It is also believed by the locals that Lota Baba in his eternal form as Hanumana might be waiting there for Lord Krishna. It is said that Lota baba provides the courage to the devotees to complete the circumambulation of 21 km long.

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