Radha Vallabh Temple: 20/02/2020

Radha Vallabh Temple:

Experience the tranquillity and spirituality in the environment at Radhavallabh temple of Vrindavan. Vrindavan is a place where devotion flows in every particle of air and Radhavallabh temple is the best place to experience that divinity.

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An epitome of love:

Radhavallabh Temple was constructed during the reign of King Akbar around the 16th century and was later founded by Goswami Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu. This unique architecture is situated on the cliff near Bankey Bihari temple surrounded by the holy river Yamuna.

According to the legends, this mesmerizing idol of Shri Radha Vallabhji was handed over to Shri Atmadev by Lord Shiva as a blessing for his strenuous devotion and prayers. Lord Krishna resides alone in this temple as our beloved Radha Rani is not accompanying him in the form of idol. Radharani is replaced by a crown that is positioned near the idol of Lord Krishna to signify her presence.

Radha Rani is the queen of Krishna’s heart and this crown signifies her importance in Krishna’s life. Lord Krishna and Radha Rani is the heart of Vrindavan and devotees from every part of the world visit Vrindavan just to experience the exquisiteness of this holy land.

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