Raman reti 17/06/2021

Raman Reti-Gokul!!

Raman Reti is a sacred place situated in Gokul which is believed to be the sporting place of Laddu Gopal. Reti means sand a locale blessed by the lotus feet of baby Krishna. This revered place is chosen by Lord Krishna to meet his lady love Radha rani before embarking their journey to Vrindavan. And it is also believed that Lord Krishna spent his childhood playing here along with his brother and other cowherd boys.


Raman Reti is laced with a fascinating mythological tale that Maa Yashoda, would send him to the forest for getting various household chores. However, Krishna, being more on the mischievous side would escape to this place and spend the entire day rolling in its extremely soft sand. After rolling and enjoying in the sand he would bathe in the Raman Sarovar (lake). Till today, Tourist visiting RamanReti can’t stop the urge to roll up in the mud and relive Krishna’s past.

Located in close proximity to the temple is the deer park which houses ostriches and ducks as well. Raman Reti is associated with Karshni Ashram in which Rangbihariji is worshipped by a pious saint Sri Gyandas Ji Maharaj who performed his severe austerities for the blessings of Lord Krishna while fasting at this sacred place of Raman Reti.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit this place if you are not bothered by the scorching sun of summers and on the other hand, if you prefer cool and pleasant weather, then visit Gokul during winters.

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