Rangnath Ji Temple Vrindavan 20/02/2020

Rangnath Ji Temple:

Vrindavan is believed to be a mini India where culture, devotion and rituals of every part of India are followed with full dignity and devotion. Rangnath Ji Temple of Vrindavan is one such place where you can experience the culture of south India.

Seth Lakshmichand, who belongs to the southern part of India constructed the temple under the auspices of his spiritual guru, Sri Rang deshik Swami Ji. Rangnath Temple is an ultimate destination of divinity till date follows all the rituals and traditions of devotion obstinately.

Inspired from the Sri Rangam of Tamil Nadu this temple is visited by thousands of devotees every day.

 The perfect epitome of southern culture:

Vrindavan is a land of Lord Krishna but still, the charm and magnetism of this temple are unbeatable.the most surprising part of this temple is it rigid and tough Seva system the temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Goda-Rangamannar. Goda Devi was a famous 8th century Vaishnava saint who had an eternal love for beloved Lord Krishna and his leela Bhoomi Vrindavan. She desperately wants to attain him by marrying him. Lord Ranganatha who is the reincarnation of Lord Krishna answers her prayers by becoming her bridegroom.

Every nook and corner of this fabulous temple is constructed with full devotion and reflects the southern culture perfectly. Holytripadvisor takes you to the tour of this temple and provides detailed information about every part of the temple.

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