Sawaman Shaligram 21/06/2021

Divine Visit at Sawaman Shaligram temple!!!

Savaman Shaligram is the sacred temple located opposite of Sri Shyamasundar Temple in the area of Loi Bazaar in Vrindavan. Shaligrams are the fossilized stone in black colour found in the river beds which were once underwater. The most popular Shaligrams belong to the Himalayas and Nepal.


This temple got built by Jalan family in 1823. The presiding deity are the two shilas(stones) of Shaligram, one having the weight of 48 kg while the other weighs 38.4kg. Savaman shaligram is named as Laxminarayan and ek man is named as Sri Laxmi Narsingh. Whereas on the main altar Lord Rama and Sita are worshipped in the temple which was built by Rewa Naresh.

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