Shriji temple 21/06/2021

Visit At Shriji Temple!!!

Shriji Temple is the most popular temple of Barsana with red sandstones that resembles a structure dating back to the magnificent architectural style of the Mughal era. This temple got famous since this is the birthplace of Radha Rani and is also known by the name Ladli Lal Temple. Shriji temple has deities of Radha and Lord Krishna. Temple has 200 steps to climb to reach the main entrance. The basement is said to be the beautiful palace of her father Vajranabh. Its excellent architectural style attracts many devotees in large numbers. Every wall of the temple has marvellous paintings of Radha rani and Lord Krishna depicting their favourite past times.

History & Significance

This temple was initially constructed about 5000 years back by King Vajranabh along with the deities. Meanwhile, with the passage of time, the whole temple along with the deities got ruined.

And today’s existing temple was re-fabricated by Narayan Bhatt, a Vaishnavite, with the assistance of Raja Todarmal, one of the governor’s in Akbar’s court. A famous mythological fact associated with the temple was that Nand Maharaj and Vrishbhanu Maharaja were good friends. Fed up with the atrocities of Kansa (Lord Krishna’s Mama) Baba Nand ji decided to shift to Nandgaon while Vrishbhanu ji too shifted here. Vrishbhanu started residing at Bhanugarh Hill made their permanent abode, that is how the temple got its name.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit at any time of the year. But summers would be extremely hot . Thus, winter seems to be the best time to visit Barsana. However, if you are a true devotee then plan to visit on Radhashtami and Holi festivals, plan your trip to Barsana during the months of September and March respectively.


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