Vimal Kund 01/07/2021

Visit Vimal Kund!!!!

One of the most important and beautiful kunds of Braj formed by the loving tears of the daughters of King Vimal of Sindh ‘Vimal Kund’ is located about four hundred meters southwest of the village of Kamyavan.


As per Bhavisya Purana, it is believed Krishna along with his cowherd friends swam here in the kund and cows grazed on its bank. It is said that Krishna had pastimes with the daughters of King Vimala, Their strong desire to be with Krishna fulfilled at this place and that is why this kunda is called Vimala-Kunda.

In the Adi Varaha Parana, it is said that by bathing in Vimal Kund, all sins are destroyed and we aim for moksha.

’Vimal Kund’ is also known as “Teerath Raj”, the crest jewel among all the pilgrimages. At Vimala-Kunda, Durvasa Muni bathed with his 60,000 disciples.

This Kund has many temples around and also has many monkeys at this kunda. There is a festival here on the second Dvadasi day of Kartika, in which many lamps are placed around the Kunda.

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