Yugal kishore temple 31/05/2021

Holy Visit At Shri Yugal Kishore Temple Vrindavan!! Shri Yugal Kishor Temple is 300 to 400 years old situated at the Jugal Ghat in Brij on the way from the Parikrama Marg to the Shri Radhavallabh Temple in Vrindavan. Significance: It is believed that when Shri Krishna disappeared from the sight of Gopis, then Gopis went out to look for Shri Krishna at Ramanreti. According to Srimad Bhagwatam, Shri Radha Krishna came to Jugal Ghat and took bath here. After this Pastime, Thakur Ji was named Shri Yugal Kishor. The temple is also presided by another deity named as Shri Jugal Bihari. Once a year, Shri Jugal Bihari comes out of the temple for a palanquin. Experience divinity of Brij Region with Holy Tripadvisor India: We Holy Tripadvisor India can take you on the virtual tour of Vrindavan with its detailed information about the Brij Region. We deal in making some great yet economical religious tour packages and ensure to cater to all the needs of the spirituality seekers. Reach to the divine Lord of Krishna at the touch of the click- [email protected] or call us at- 8630658592 for more on our amazing pilgrimage packages