Garud govind 31/05/2021

                                                                                                                 Obedience to Garud Govind Temple!!!

Introduction & History

The holy land of Brij has several temples and thousand of devotees visit Vrindavan to pay the obedience to their favorite God-Lord Krishna ji. A small temple site located in Chhatikara village on the turn of National Highway-2 has an exquisite idol of Krishna ji seated on Garud and as per epics it is believed that here child Krishna’s Chati Pujan was held.

During his past time Krishna climbed on the shoulders of one of his friend whom he considers his Garuda to see the exquisite view.


The temple is built on a place where Garuda used to offer his prayers to Vrindavan as he was not allowed to enter the temple premises due to curse of saint. Garuda thought Krishna ji as an ordinary boy but Krishna ji exhibited his supremacy by giving special darshan i.e., Govind Deva form manifested with 12 arms thus dispelling his doubt about him (lord Krishna). Hence, this place exhibited the pastime of Garuda ji and Krishna ji in his Govind form. Kalsarp Anushthan is also held here as it was linked with a story that Krishna ji granted boon to Kaliya Snake that the snake would not fear Garudas.

This temple has a rare view of deity of Lord Vishnu with 12 arms seated on his carrier Garud along with goddess Mahalakshmi.

Next to the temple there is a massive Garud Govind Kund built in sandstone but has been neglected since decades. It has a series of steps leading to the water reservoir on one side. The temple is famous for the ceremony for ‘Kalsarp Anushthan’.

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