Mor Kutir 30/06/2021

One minute read to Mor Kuttir!!!


The word 'Mor' means peacock and "Kutir" means a small cottage and is located in the forest of Gahvarvana. According to the pastime legend, this is the place where Lord Krishna danced like a peacock and was amusing her beloved "Radharani" who was in a state of anger and sat in solitude. As a result of his peacock dance, Radharani got enthralled and, fascinated forgetting her anger, she again reunited.


There was another incident in which when Radha rani and Lord Krishna were sitting and enjoying their association, they suddenly got surrounded by hundreds of peacocks with their exotic plumage and started dancing like divine lovers.

Radha and Krishna also got up after seeing the divine couple imitating the wonderful dancing movements of the peacock. Other memorable past times were when the cowherd’s friend started eating laddus and shouting “eat more laddus”, eat more laddus and start throwing the laddus at each other is great fun.

Radha and Krishna were so excited at this sight that they started imitating and dancing like those peacocks. Thus, the place has been named Mor Kutir.

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Best time to visit:

In the month of August where large crowds of revellers throw thousands of laddus at each other while celebrating this pastime of the cowherd boys.