Rangnath temple 17/06/2021

Sacred Visit To Sri Ranganatha Temple!!

Brij Bhumi is a revered land with enormous temples but Sri Ranganatha or Rangaji Temple is one of the largest temples of North India built in an exquisite style of both South and North style of architecture. This temple is located at Keshi Ghat Vrindavan which is built in 1851 in Dravidian style by Seth Gobind Das and Radha Krishan.

Temple is laced with a gigantic Dravidian architectural catch with an outer strengthening wall of 773 ft in height and 440 in breadth. The presiding deity is Lord Krishna and Lord Ranganatha. The walls of the temple are well painted with a colourful painting depicting the story of the temple. Built in south Indian style, the courtyard is bounded by a lush green garden.

The well-decorated Gopuram leads us to the entrance of the temple where we can see the deities of Lord Rangaji, Lord Rama, Laxman and Goddess Sita in black stone.

From the main room of the temple, we can catch glimpses of the 50 ft high gold plated pillar called Dhwaja Sthamba, which further accentuates the grandiose of the temple.

It is advisable to explore the temple on our own as a hiring guide can uselessly drain your pocket.

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Best time to Visit:

If the crowd don’t bother you then March-April is the best time to visit during the Brahmotsav also known as Rath Ka Mela that lasts for 10 days when Rath yatra is taken carrying the lord out for a tour to the adjoining pavilion.